Choke Beans & Extended Choke Beans

Choke Beans

» Replaceable parts for Positive  Chokes with orifice from 2/64’’ to 128/64’’ in increments of 2/64’’
» Case made out of 4130/4140/410 Steels to NACE MR 0175
» Lining: Tungsten   Carbide.
» Choke Beans are available to suit different makes of Positive Choke.
» Adaptors for1’’ Orifice Bean
Extended Choke Beans

» Extended Choke Beans are used in Well Testing.
» These are interfaced with the Choke Bean in the Positive Choke.
» They prevent erosion on spools  during pumping of  High Pressure Fracturing Fluids  into the well and reduces down time considerably.
» Length of Extended Choke Bean – 1000 mm .
» Material – 4130 Forged Steel with full Tungsten Carbide lining.
» We are the only manufacturer to provide  such a unique solution and received much appreciation from the end user (Saudi Aramco).