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Principle of MIAB welding
Applications of MIAB welding
Materials to be welded
Optional features of MIAB
MIAB welding machines for pipes
Principle of MIAB welding

MIAB welding is a forge welding process that relies on an electric arc to generate necessary heating to melt the surfaces being welded.

How MIAB welding works?

Welding arc rotate in the gap between tubes due to the presence of external magnetic field generated with permanent or electromagnets.

The maximum Linear Speed of the arc movement is 870 km/hour.

The spinning arc in combination with thermal conductivity of the welded metal creates very uniform heating at the joint.

On completion of welding, the welded parts are rapidly brought under pressure.
Applications of MIAB welding
Butt welding of thin-walled tubes

Butt and T-butt welding of automobile parts

Butt welding of thick-walled tubes

Butt welding of solid parts

Tube to plate welding

Tube to flange welding

“This machine tool based process is attractive to the mass production industries because of the short cycle times and reproducible quality.”
Materials to be welded

Stainless steel

Aluminum alloys

Optional features of MIAB
Two welds can be carried out simultaneously on a double ended machine

Mobile machines are available.

Retractable electromagnetic coils and field profile control for easy loading and unloading of work.

Can be configured for automatic flash removal.

Mobile MIAB machines can be used on site and allow transmission pipelines to be welded with potential savings due to improved productivity over other arc welding processes.
MIAB welding machines for pipes
Equipment composition

Welding Head

Pump Station

Control Cabinet

Weld Management System

 DC Power Source
Machine ?D-1 is intended for welding small diameter tubes & pipeline.

Machine K-872 is intended for welding pipelines under field conditions.

MIAB welding is predominantly used in the European Automobile Industry

Vehicle drive shafts.

Rear axle assembly.

Wheel bearing housing.

Pipe and tube assemblies.

Shock absorber assemblies.

Threaded sleeves assemblies.

Nuts welded to plates.

Brake pipes
Liquid Propane Tanks

LP Tank Assembly, Boss Weld Size: OD 31.7 mm, WT 4.1 mm Welding Time: 7 Second

LP Tank Assembly, Girth Weld
Size: OD203.2, WT2.1 mm
Welding Time: 12.5 s

Welded Joint after Tensile Elongation Test

Solid Rods

Solid Rod OD 22mm Welding Time: 12 s
Pull test of weld joint of Reinforcement Rod - OD 32 mm

Tubes & Pipelines

Tubes OD 22 & 48 mm
Hydraulic Test Result - 72.5MPa.
“Pipes with OD up to 219mm can be welded using MIAB”

Shock Absorber

Shock absorber

Welded section: OD53x1,8mm.
Productivity: 200 butts/hour
Welding time: t=2.9 s
Material: Steel 20 + Steel 35
Machine MD-103 and MD-102 type for MIAB welding of shock absorber

Automobile Part: Piston Rod

Piston Assembly: OD22x2.2mm Welding Time: 3.6 s
Pull Test. Force of break - 12900 kg
Macro section of welded joint
Micro section of welded joint

Automobile part: Drive Shaft

Drive Shaft OD75x2.1 mm Welding time: 3.8 s
Machine K1015 for drive shaft welding OD 70 - 102mm,WT 2-4mm.
“The tests conducted on the drive shaft have indicated that MIAB welding does not reduce durability of the drive shaft.”

Automobile Part: Oil Tank

Welded Joint of Connecting Pipe: OD 31.7x 4.1 mm
Welding Time: 7 s
Field for MIAB welding
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